Annie Lee Carroll is a Taiwanese American artist that was raised in both Chicago and Taiwan. With strong ties to her cultural roots, you can often see how Eastern and Western design aspects dance together throughout her work. The fundamental grid systems and properties of European/Western design combine with the bright colors and maximalism of Eastern Asian art to form bold graphics with strong design foundations. 

Annie is currently working at Published Studios as an Art Director. Through Published, she was able to establish a name for herself by mastering all aspects of design, production, and print under the close mentorship of Demir Mujagic. This has led her to work with award-winning clients such as G Herbo, Chance the Rapper, Leaders Chicago, and more.

She is also assisting with production and design under Studio Brand, working with Scott Englert to build out experiences for the WNDR Museum and the New Vanguard. This has allowed her to work with major Chicago artists on a personal level, such as Nikko Washington, Marco Miller, and Chelsea Carter-Sanders of Alex Carter Brand. These exhibitions work to highlight artists of color and create unique installations that are meaningful to their roots.

With a full mastery of Adobe Creative Suite, screen printing + painting, and working knowledge in production and sewing, Annie hopes to continue to develop as an artist. Her goal is to create hands-on, meaningful work with a focus on community-building.