Designer ······· Annie Lee Carroll
                 Gabrielle Weld
Medium ············ Print, Digital
Category ············· Publication
Date ·················· March 2021

The Black Panther Party Zine

The Black Panther Party of Chicago emerged on the city's West Side in the autumn of 1968. As one of 45 Black Panther chapters around the country, the “Illinois Chapter” gained over 300 new members within four months of its founding because many young black Chicagoans identified with the Panthers' militant denunciations of racism, capitalism, and police brutality. The intent of the zine is to highlight the life and of graphic designer Emory Douglas and the Black Panthers, and to create conversation between the past and present.

The Zine was inspired by the bold imagery of the Black Panther Party’s existing graphic identity. The font, MARTIN, is a non-violent typeface inspired by remnants of the Memphis Sanitation Strike of 1968.