Designer ················· Annie Lee Carroll
Medium ······························ Screenprint
Category ························· Merchandise
Date ··································· March 2022


Blossom Dearie was an American jazz singer known for her light and girlish voice. I used her name and brand to represent the early standards of femininity, class, and beauty that existed prior to the feminist movement. 

I, then, took inspiration from the design style of Riot Grrrl, an underground feminist punk movement that began in the early 90s. The Riot Grrl politics, music, and art (more specifically their zines) emphasized cutting and destroying the established image of femininity, aggressively tearing it down.

The purpose of the project was to destroy the idea that you have to dress and act a certain way to be feminine. I did this by taking an image that would normally be seen as lewd or scandalous and displaying it proudly and meaningfully for everyone to see. All of the items were hand printed by me, using the photo emulsion process.